Why contactless menus?

When we go out to eat, we’re very aware of the cleanliness of the restaurant tables or the servers uniforms. We’re also aware of watermarks on our utensils, or glasses. However, we’ve never really given a lot of thought to the menu.

Think about it. Restaurant menus are handled by lots of people daily. Lots of them may be laminated, but how many of them are actually washed?  If you have to get a server to wipe a menu every time a customer touches one thats a lot of manual labour not to mention not very cost effective.


The restaurant menu can contain thousands of germs.


How much? According to a study, a restaurant menu can contain 185,000 germs per square centimeter. For reference, a public toilet has about 500-1,000 germs per square centimeter. That’s a big difference. We often think of public toilet seats as being incredibly dirty.


The solution? Menu Solutions Ltd provides contactless menus to make your restaurant a safer environment for your customers and servers. 


To use Menu Solutions Ltd contactless menus guests scan a tableside QR code  to view the restaurant’s menu on their own mobile devices, replacing traditional printed menus and eliminating concerns about passing germs between in-house dining guests handling the same menus.

We are working with come of Ireland best hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes to get their business using contactless menus. If you would like to contact us please email: info@menusolutions.ie