How to view a menu using a QR Code

Scanning QR codes on Android/iPhones does not require an app

    1. Step one, open the camera on your device.
    2. Hold over the QR code. 
    3.Click the link that pops up.
    4.View the menu.

Not only have QR codes managed to overcome the hurdle of downloading an additional app but the average Internet speed has also increased to 5.6 Mbps which allows consumers to scan QR codes at lightning speed. 

QR codes have undeniably gotten a new lease of life and brands have taken notice. 

QR codes can also increase post-purchase engagement by allowing customers to re-order the product or link to a video tutorial on how to use the product effectively.  QR codes in the new normal are an excellent way of offering contactless to customers in all areas of your business.

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